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Kyle investigates his girlfriend Samantha's disappearance in the remote town of Keeley, But what he unearths is not what he expected.

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Paraphiliac is a hypnotic, psychedelic film about Martin, a poet, drunk and fantasist lost in a life of depression. Martin feels trapped and alone and escapes his situation by immersing himself in music and imaginations, fantasising about a life with the girl from the laundrette. The lines between reality and fantasy start to become blurred, he adopts a new identity, Gripper, and attempts to conquer the girl of his dreams with extreme and disturbing consequences.

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When Big Stacey is attacked by an up and coming criminal, his uncle, Mr Fraser, sees it as his opportunity to come out of retirement and show that he's just as ruthless as he used to be.

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After receiving the news his Mother is dying in hospital, Elvis impersonator Gary, has to put on a brave face and take the stage.

Wake Me Up


Hired by Edinburgh gangster, Mr. Fraser, a group of young men attempt to rob a jewelers. Wake Me Up was Funded by the UK Film Council's First Light Project.

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